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"SLC5X: Letter M

Letter M

Packages beginning with letter "M".

  • madwifi - A linux device driver for Atheros chipsets (ar5210, ar5211, ar5212).
  • megaraid-util-cli - LSI Megaraid Disk Management Utilities - Command Line Interface
  • mencoder - MPlayer movie encoder
  • mhvtl - Virtual tape library. kernel pseudo HBA driver + userspace daemons
  • mod_chroot - Mod_chroot makes running Apache in a secure chroot environment easy
  • mpeg2dec - MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 decoding library and test program
  • mpeg2dec-devel - Development files for mpeg2dec's libmpeg2
  • mplayer - Movie player playing most video formats and DVDs
  • mplayer-codecs-addon - MPlayer Addon Codecs
  • mplayer-doc - MPlayer documentation in various languages
  • mplayer-gui - GUI for MPlayer
  • mshvic - Linux Integration Services for Hyper-V (TM)

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