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"SLC5X: Letter A

Letter A

Packages beginning with letter "A".

  • a52dec - A free ATSC A/52 stream decoder
  • a52dec-devel - Development files needed for a52dec
  • aacraid - Replacement driver for Adaptec Raid Controllers
  • acroread - Adobe Reader for viewing PDF files
  • adaptec-cli - A set of tools for Adaptec hardware RAID controllers.
  • aims2-client - AIMS2 client of Automated Installation Management Server (v.2)
  • aims2-server - AIMS2 server of Automated Installation Management Server (v.2)
  • aims2client - aims2 Client
  • amarok-extras-nonfree - Additional functionality for the amaroK media player
  • amrnb - AMR NarrowBand speech codec
  • amrnb-devel - AMR NarrowBand speech codec development files
  • amrwb - AMR WideBand speech codec
  • amrwb-devel - AMR WideBand speech codec development files
  • areca_tools - A set of tools for ARECA based file servers
  • audacity - Multitrack audio editor

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