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"SLC5X: CERN Additional Tools: megaraid-util-cli

megaraid-util-cli - LSI Megaraid Disk Management Utilities - Command Line Interface

License: Unknown
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
The LSI command line management utility, allows you to view status and
version information about your Dell PERC, Intel IOP* and other Megaraid-based

Packages [779 KiB] Changelog by Andras HORVATH (2010-04-29):
- update to current version
- symlink megacli to MegaCli so that copypaste from --help works ;) [982 KiB] Changelog by iTim Bell (2009-10-10):
- latest LSI code [969 KiB] Changelog by Andras Horvath (2007-10-24):
- cosmetic changes
- include 'megarc' which can manage the older cards

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