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"SLC5X: Letter S: stunnel

stunnel - An SSL-encrypting socket wrapper.

License: GPL
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
Stunnel is a socket wrapper which can provide SSL (Secure Sockets
Layer) support to ordinary applications. For example, it can be used
in conjunction with imapd to create an SSL secure IMAP server.


stunnel-4.15-2.el5.2.x86_64 [112 KiB] Changelog by Kai Engert (2014-10-23):
- Allow connections to TLSv1 servers, rhbz#1144430
stunnel-4.15-2.el5.1.x86_64 [205 KiB] Changelog by Miloslav Trmač (2008-09-09):
- Fix "protocol = smtp"
  Resolves: #284801
- Use a clearer error message if an unknown port is specified
  Resolves: #450344

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