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"SLC5X: Letter S: sos

sos - A set of tools to gather troubleshooting information from a system

License: GPL
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
Sos is a set of tools that gathers information about system
hardware and configuration. The information can then be used for
diagnostic purposes and debugging. Sos is commonly used to help
support technicians and developers.


sos-1.7-9.74.el5_11.noarch [169 KiB] Changelog by Bryn M. Reeves (2016-04-11):
- Fix package check in gfs2 plugin and improve diagnostics
  Resolves: bz1153665
sos-1.7-9.73.el5.noarch [168 KiB] Changelog by Bryn M. Reeves (2014-06-10):
- Strip passwords from grub.conf and /etc/fstab
  Resolves: bz1107751
- Limit the default set of logs collected for directory server
  Resolves: bz1086736
sos-1.7-9.66.el5.noarch [164 KiB] Changelog by Bryn M. Reeves (2013-07-30):
- Restrict wbinfo to local domain in samba plug-in
  Resolves: bz986975
sos-1.7-9.62.el5_9.1.noarch [163 KiB] Changelog by Bryn M. Reeves (2013-07-22):
- Remove anaconda-ks.cfg collection from general plug-in
  Resolves: bz965807
sos-1.7-9.62.el5.noarch [162 KiB] Changelog by Bryn M. Reeves (2012-01-05):
- Always log plugin exceptions that are not raised to the interpreter
  Resolves: bz717480
- Ensure relative symlink targets are correctly handled when copying
  Resolves: bz717962
- Correctly handle libxml2 parser exceptions when reading cluster.conf
  Resolves: bz750573
- Update Red Hat Certificate System plugin for current versions
  Resolves: bz627416
sos-1.7-9.54.el5_7.1.noarch [157 KiB] Changelog by Bryn M. Reeves (2011-11-23):
- Fix handling of TMP environment variable
Resolves: bz748804
sos-1.7-9.54.el5.noarch [157 KiB] Changelog by Bryn M. Reeves (2011-06-22):
- Add support for collecting Red Hat Subscrition Manager configuration
Resolves: bz714296
sos-1.7-9.49.el5.noarch [153 KiB] Changelog by Adam Stokes (2010-03-05):
- Resolves: bz499468 sos detect invalid fence domain IDs
- Resolves: bz507672 capture dm-raid information
- Resolves: bz521344 include dump of openais configuration
- Resolves: bz530385 sosreport copies all files from a relative directory link, possibly
- Resolves: bzcopying unwanted directories
- Resolves: bz499472 sos detect and report on cluster infrastructure when domain status invalid
- Resolves: bz502442 There is a goes-back issue for sosreport
- Resolves: bz507674 sosreport: one or more nfs export do not have a fsid attribute set
- Resolves: bz516551 sosreport -k general.syslogsize=15 doesn't work
- Resolves: bz478009 To add a sosplugin to collect soundcard related information
- Resolves: bz479111 To add a sosplugin to collect lsb_release information
- Resolves: bz482755 list of installed rpms is in non-std. format
- Resolves: bz485191 Sos plugin to Collect Quagga configuration files
- Resolves: bz485559 sos-patch to include /var/spool/cron information in
- Resolves: bz495934 Need to grab cobbler stuff in sos
- Resolves: bz497588 sosreport mangles passwords in cluster.conf, breaking XML
- Resolves: bz512889 sosreport to capture iscsi initiator settings if present.
- Resolves: bz514294 include multicast information
- Resolves: bz523263 sosreport captures the contents of /tftpboot.
- Resolves: bz453151 sosreport enhancement
- Resolves: bz443984 SOSreport does not gather SELinux audit logs 
- Resolves: bz530385 copying unwanted files from symlink
- Resolves: bz557851 capture qppid information
sos-1.7-9.27.el5.noarch [145 KiB] Changelog by Adam Stokes (2009-07-20):
- Resolves: bz433040 sosreports are too large, due to /var/log/httpd
- Resolves: bz444839 FC device state information is omitted
- Resolves: bz450997 gdm plugin
- Resolves: bz460140 capture "dmesg" output
- Resolves: bz460788 can not distinguish FV guests
- Resolves: bz461351 smartcard related details
- Resolves: bz462824 chkconfig test in cluster plugin fails on systems with non-US locale
- Resolves: bz469626 sar plugin
- Resolves: bz472857 plugin to collect snmp configurations
- Resolves: bz472858 plugin for kdump configuration
- Resolves: bz487308 Sos plugin to collect oddjob related details
- Resolves: bz487628 Sos plugin to collect openssl related details
- Resolves: bz488412 Sos plugin to collect wvdial and ppp related details
- Resolves: bz503536 sosreport fails on minimal install without bzip2 installed
- Resolves: bz238778 Add 'lspci -t' to set of lspci commands run
- Resolves: bz466923 [sosreport] update needed
- Resolves: bz480786 rhn plugin for sos should change paths according to recent monitoring change
- Resolves: bz487113 /var/log/acpid is missed in SOS
- Resolves: bz487116 plugin to collect nscd information
- Resolves: bz487119 Patch to collect tftp related information
- Resolves: bz487466 Add iscsi plugin to sos.
- Resolves: bz487470 Add ntpdata plugin for sos.
- Resolves: bz487474 tomcat5 plugin
- Resolves: bz487476 Auditd related information
- Resolves: bz487477 DHCP related information
- Resolves: bz487478 Red Hat Hardware Test Suite related information
- Resolves: bz487480 udev related information
- Resolves: bz487481 PXE related information
- Resolves: bz487482 VMWare related information
- Resolves: bz487483 process accounting related information
- Resolves: bz487484 MySQL related information
- Resolves: bz487485 MRG Messaging related information
- Resolves: bz487488 MRG GRID related information
- Resolves: bz492072 sosreport does not include /var/log/pm/suspend.log
- Resolves: bz497840 Unused snack import
- Resolves: bz498474 sort output of installed-rpms 
- Resolves: bz501842 sosreport is missing batch mode
- Resolves: bz503172 Need to know the default version of jre
- Resolves: bz476970 [RHEL5] 'sosreport -av' crashed Oracle RAC node
- Resolves: bz461798 include Certificate system 7.1 plugin in sosreport
- Resolves: bz461799 Addition of Directory Server sos plugins
- Resolves: bz464207 postfix plugin for sos name does not fit naming convention
- Resolves: bz464208 NEW sosreport plugin for dovecot.
- Resolves: bz466819 plugin to add netconfig configuration to sosreport
- Resolves: bz466947 add IPA plugin to sosreport
- Resolves: bz469365 sosreport French translation of y/n prompt is wrong
- Resolves: bz469820 sosreport should collect the result of ethtool -i,-k,-S
- Resolves: bz472108 Anaconda plugin
- Resolves: bz480302 Python sys.path problem
- Resolves: bz475190 sos modifes ldap.conf
- Resolves: bz475991 sosreport shouldn't require user input when plug-in diagnoses (potential) error
- Resolves: bz477042 rh-upload-core does not upload unless the quiet flag is set
- Resolves: bz487416 sosplugin to collect the details on cron including the system and user cron jobs
- Resolves: bz487434 A sosplugin to gather the details on logrotate such as its status, its debug information and the configuration files.
- Resolves: bz490186 xen plugin: is_running_xenstored function issues
- Resolves: bz497206 FEAT: Add -kvm target for s.o.s report
sos-1.7-9.16.el5_3.5.noarch [119 KiB] Changelog by Adam Stokes (2009-04-24):
- Resolves: bz497506 hang with xen kernel when xend not started
sos-1.7-9.16.el5.noarch [121 KiB] Changelog by Adam Stokes (2008-11-11):
- Resolves: bz454875 normalize path on named
sos-1.7-9.2.el5_2.17.noarch [117 KiB] Changelog by Adam Stokes (2009-05-29):
- Resolves: bz337901 collect elilo configuration
- Resolves: bz455918 systool is passed deprcated arguments 
- Resolves: bz467073 Include output of "xm list" and "xm list --long" in sos 
- Resolves: bz467074 Add openswan and ipsec-tools 
- Resolves: bz467077 Sos does not collect krb5.conf 
- Resolves: bz459576 Add /root/anaconda-ks-cfg 
- Resolves: bz455920 add %{INSTALLTIME:date} to the --qf flags 
- Resolves: bz459788 sysreport.legacy reports "Cannot make temp dir" 
- Resolves: bz465234 sosreport plugin for s390
- Resolves: bz495060 support for unattended runs
- Resolves: bz497505 hang when running on xen kernel where xend has not been started
sos-1.7-9.2.el5_2.2.noarch [116 KiB] Changelog by Adam Stokes (2008-07-17):
- Resolves: bz455720 regular expression error in hardware plugin
- Resolves: bz455721 add support for emc devices
- Resolves: bz455724 does not collect ext3 information
- Resolves: bz455725 fails to generate fdisk -l

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