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"SLC5X: Letter P: python-virtinst

python-virtinst - Python modules and utilities for installing virtual machines

License: GPLv2+
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
virtinst is a module that helps build and install libvirt based virtual
machines. Currently supports KVM, QEmu and Xen virtual machines. Package
includes several command line utilities, including virt-install (build
and install new VMs) and virt-clone (clone an existing virtual machine).


python-virtinst-0.400.3-13.el5.noarch [383 KiB] Changelog by Cole Robinson (2011-10-20):
- virt-install: Fix --noapic and --noacpi (bz 704369)
- Remove 16 xen disk limit (bz 706398)
- Generate correct MAC prefix when cloning KVM guest (bz 704417)
python-virtinst-0.400.3-12.el5.noarch [386 KiB] Changelog by Cole Robinson (2011-04-29):
- virt-install: Fix generating xen MAC addresses (bz 679949)
- virt-install: Add --disk,format= option (bz 644271)
- Mark disk bootable during cdrom installs to help win virtio drivers
  (bz 568294)
python-virtinst-0.400.3-11.el5.noarch [383 KiB] Changelog by Cole Robinson (2010-09-14):
- virt-install: Error if --extra-args specified without --location (bz 593410)
- Fix QEMU MAC prefix documentation (bz 620838)
- Prevent unicode patch from altering .orig file (bz 579976)
python-virtinst-0.400.3-9.el5.noarch [382 KiB] Changelog by Cole Robinson (2010-03-02):
- Fix non-sparse storage volume creation (bz 569339)
python-virtinst-0.400.3-5.el5.noarch [380 KiB] Changelog by Cole Robinson (2009-07-07):
- Use ac97 as only sound model for qemu driver (bz 508747)
- Don't throw errors with unicode using locales (bz 508784)
python-virtinst-0.300.2-12.el5.noarch [178 KiB] Changelog by Cole Robinson (2008-11-11):
- Don't add spurious forward slashes in urls (bz 470891)
- Fix FTP treeinfo false positives (bz 470888)
- Revert fix for bz 446950, push to 5.4 (bz 470176)

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