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"SLC5X: Letter P: perl-Perl-RPM

perl-Perl-RPM - Perl-RPM - Perl interface to the API for the RPM Package Manager

License: Artistic
Vendor: Randy J Ray <,>
The Perl-RPM package is an extension for natively linking the
functionality of the RPM Package Manager with the extension facility of
Perl. The aim is to offer all the functionality made available via the C
API in the form of Perl object classes.

At present, the package-manipulation functionality is not yet implemented.
The RPM::Database and RPM::Header packages do provide access to the
information contained within the database of installed packages, and
individual package headers, respectively. The RPM::Error package is
available, which provides support routines for signaling and catching
errors. Additionally, there is the RPM::Constants package which provides
a number of values from the rpm library, referred to by the same name used
at the C level.


perl-Perl-RPM-1.51-3.x86_64 [309 KiB] Changelog by root@janvm01 (2012-11-07):
- Initial build.
perl-Perl-RPM-1.51-2.x86_64 [309 KiB] Changelog by root@janvm01 (2012-11-07):
- Initial build.

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