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"SLC5X: Network Servers: openldap-servers-overlays

openldap-servers-overlays - Overlays for OpenLDAP server.

License: OpenLDAP
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
OpenLDAP is an open-source suite of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access
Protocol) applications and development tools. LDAP is a set of
protocols for accessing directory services (usually phone book style
information, but other information is possible) over the Internet,
similar to the way DNS (Domain Name System) information is propagated
over the Internet.

This package contains overlay modules for OpenLDAP server daemon.


openldap-servers-overlays-2.3.43-29.el5_11.x86_64 [202 KiB] Changelog by Matúš Honěk (2015-09-17):
- CVE-2015-6908 openldap: ber_get_next denial of service vulnerability (#1263170)
openldap-servers-overlays-2.3.43-28.el5_10.x86_64 [202 KiB] Changelog by Jan Synáček (2014-04-09):
- fix: syncprov psearch race condition (#999811)
openldap-servers-overlays-2.3.43-27.el5_10.x86_64 [201 KiB] Changelog by Jan Synáček (2014-02-13):
- fix: CVE-2013-4449 segfault on certain queries with rwm overlay (#1064145)
openldap-servers-overlays-2.3.43-25.el5_8.1.x86_64 [201 KiB] Changelog by Jan Vcelak (2012-06-26):
- fix: do not send IPv6 DNS queries when IPv6 is disabled on the host (#835444)
openldap-servers-overlays-2.3.43-25.el5.x86_64 [201 KiB] Changelog by Jan Vcelak (2012-01-11):
- fix: disable static libraries stripping (#684630)
openldap-servers-overlays-2.3.43-12.el5_7.10.x86_64 [200 KiB] Changelog by Jan Vcelak (2011-11-01):
- fix: memory leaks in syncrepl and slap_sl_free (#750538)
openldap-servers-overlays-2.3.43-12.el5_7.9.x86_64 [201 KiB] Changelog by Jan Vcelak (2011-09-21):
- new feature update: honor priority/weight with ldap_domain2hostlist (#734143)
openldap-servers-overlays-2.3.43-12.el5_6.7.x86_64 [200 KiB] Changelog by Jan Vcelak (2011-02-28):
- fix: CVE-2011-1024 ppolicy forwarded bind failure messages cause success (#680484)
openldap-servers-overlays-2.3.43-12.el5_6.5.x86_64 [199 KiB] Changelog by Jan Vcelak (2011-01-21):
- backport: ldap_init_fd() API function (#671341)
openldap-servers-overlays-2.3.43-12.el5_5.3.x86_64 [199 KiB] Changelog by Jan Vcelak (2010-11-16):
- fix: connection freeze when using TLS (#653910)
openldap-servers-overlays-2.3.43-12.el5_5.2.x86_64 [200 KiB] Changelog by Adam Tkac (2010-08-07):
- don't remove task twice during replication
openldap-servers-overlays-2.3.43-12.el5_5.1.x86_64 [200 KiB] Changelog by Jan Zeleny (2010-06-23):
- fixed segfault issues in modrdn (#606375)
- added patch handling null char in TLS to compat package
  (#606375, patch backported by Jan Vcelak <>)
openldap-servers-overlays-2.3.43-12.el5.x86_64 [198 KiB] Changelog by Jan Zeleny (2010-02-17):
- updated spec file, so the compat-libs linking patch applies
openldap-servers-overlays-2.3.43-3.el5.x86_64 [198 KiB] Changelog by Jan Safranek (2008-11-06):
- fix smbk5pwd linking (#329441)

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