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"SLC5X: Letter D: dmraid-events

dmraid-events - dmevent_tool (Device-mapper event tool) and DSO

License: GPL
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
Provides a dmeventd DSO and the dmevent_tool to register devices with it
for device monitoring.  All active RAID sets should be manually registered
with dmevent_tool.


dmraid-events-1.0.0.rc13-65.el5.x86_64 [24 KiB] Changelog by Zdenek Kabelac (2011-04-20):
- Fix potential null dereference introduced in fix 626417
- Resolves: rhbz#696528
dmraid-events-1.0.0.rc13-63.el5.x86_64 [23 KiB] Changelog by Heinz Mauelshagen (2010-03-03):
- Fix specfile patch file#
- Related: rhbz#567922
dmraid-events-1.0.0.rc13-53.el5.x86_64 [22 KiB] Changelog by Mike Snitzer (2009-08-12):
- Split logwatch dependency out to a dmraid-events-logwatch package
- Eliminated smtpdaemon dependency; defer mail dependency to logwatch
- Renamed /etc/cron.d/dmeventd to /etc/cron.d/dmeventd-logwatch
- Resolves: rhbz#512833
- Switched from postun rm to using ghost on dmeventd_syslogpattern.txt
dmraid-events-1.0.0.rc13-33.el5.x86_64 [23 KiB] Changelog by Heinz Mauelshagen (2008-12-15):
- Add patch to cvs
- Resolves: rhbz#475385

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