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"SLC5X: Network Servers: amanda-server

amanda-server - The server side of the AMANDA tape backup system.

License: BSD
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
The amanda-server package should be installed on the AMANDA server,
the machine attached to the device(s) (such as a tape drive) where backups
will be written. You will also need to install the amanda package on
the AMANDA server machine.  And, if the server is also to be backed up, the
server also needs to have the amanda-client package installed.


amanda-server-2.5.0p2-9.el5.x86_64 [438 KiB] Changelog by Lukas Nykryn (2011-09-22):
- fix bz#456141 - bash metacharacters
- fix bz#508111 - option -k in amfetchdump
amanda-server-2.5.0p2-8.el5.x86_64 [438 KiB] Changelog by Daniel Novotny (2009-07-10):
- patch for bz#456141 dropped (needs to be fixed also in tar)

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