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CentOS 7 - Updates for x86_64: user interface/desktops: xdg-user-dirs

xdg-user-dirs - Handles user special directories

License: GPLv2+ and MIT
Vendor: CentOS
Contains xdg-user-dirs-update that updates folders in a users
homedirectory based on the defaults configured by the administrator.


xdg-user-dirs-0.15-5.el7.x86_64 [58 KiB] Changelog by Ray Strode (2017-10-05):
- Start using autostart mechanism instead of xinitrc.d script
  Resolves: #1412762
xdg-user-dirs-0.15-4.el7.x86_64 [58 KiB] Changelog by Daniel Mach (2014-01-24):
- Mass rebuild 2014-01-24

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