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CentOS 7 - Updates for x86_64: applications/publishing: texlive-xkeyval

texlive-xkeyval - Extension of the keyval package

License: LPPL
Vendor: CentOS
This package is an extension of the keyval package and offers
additional macros for setting keys and declaring and setting
class or package options. The package allows the programmer to
specify a prefix to the name of the macros it defines for keys,
and to define families of key definitions; these all help use
in documents where several packages define their own sets of

date: 2012-01-23 12:21:58 +0100


texlive-xkeyval-svn27995.2.6a-45.el7.noarch [28 KiB] Changelog by Than Ngo (2019-08-26):
- Related: #1650521, buffer overflow in t1_check_unusual_charstring function
texlive-xkeyval-svn27995.2.6a-43.el7.noarch [27 KiB] Changelog by Than Ngo (2018-07-22):
- Related: #1337981 - fixed memset warning detected by rpmdiff
texlive-xkeyval-svn27995.2.6a-38.el7.noarch [27 KiB] Changelog by Than Ngo (2015-09-21):
- Resolves: bz#1198299, directory not owned by any package issue

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