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CentOS 7 - Updates for x86_64: applications/publishing: texlive-svn-prov-doc

texlive-svn-prov-doc - Documentation for svn-prov

License: Artistic 2.0 and GPLv2 and GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+ and LPPL and MIT and Public Domain and UCD and Utopia
Vendor: CentOS
Documentation for svn-prov


texlive-svn-prov-doc-svn18017.3.1862-45.el7.noarch [255 KiB] Changelog by Than Ngo (2019-08-26):
- Related: #1650521, buffer overflow in t1_check_unusual_charstring function
texlive-svn-prov-doc-svn18017.3.1862-43.el7.noarch [254 KiB] Changelog by Than Ngo (2018-07-22):
- Related: #1337981 - fixed memset warning detected by rpmdiff
texlive-svn-prov-doc-svn18017.3.1862-38.el7.noarch [254 KiB] Changelog by Than Ngo (2015-09-21):
- Resolves: bz#1198299, directory not owned by any package issue

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