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CentOS 7 - Updates for x86_64: applications/system: hyperv-tools

hyperv-tools - Tools for Hyper-V guests

License: GPLv2
Vendor: CentOS
Contains tools and scripts useful for Hyper-V guests.


hyperv-tools-0-0.34.20180415git.el7.noarch [7 KiB] Changelog by Vitaly Kuznetsov (2018-06-18):
- Skip freezing filesystems backed by loop upstream patches (#1577692)
hyperv-tools-0-0.32.20161211git.el7.noarch [8 KiB] Changelog by Vitaly Kuznetsov (2018-01-03):
- Include 'Avoid reading past allocated blocks from KVP file' fix (#1529745)
hyperv-tools-0-0.30.20161211git.el7.noarch [8 KiB] Changelog by Vitaly Kuznetsov (2017-01-19):
- Use '-gt' instead of '>' to do the right comparison (#1414822)
- hyperv-tools subpackage added (#1378710)
- Update to upstream v4.9 (#1406397)

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