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CentOS 7 - Updates for x86_64: unspecified: args4j

args4j - Small Java lib that makes it easy to parse command line options/args in CUI apps

License: MIT and BSD
Vendor: CentOS
args4j is a small Java class library that makes it easy
to parse command line options/arguments in your CUI application.
- It makes the command line parsing very easy by using annotations.
- You can generate the usage screen very easily.
- You can generate HTML/XML that lists all options for your documentation.
- Fully supports localization.
- It is designed to parse javac like options (as opposed to GNU-style
  where ls -lR is considered to have two options l and R.)

args4j-tools are development-time tools for generating additional artifacits.


args4j-2.0.16-13.el7.noarch [70 KiB] Changelog by Daniel Mach (2013-12-27):
- Mass rebuild 2013-12-27

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