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CentOS 7 - Updates for x86_64: user interface/x: abattis-cantarell-fonts

abattis-cantarell-fonts - Cantarell, a Humanist sans-serif font family

License: OFL
Vendor: CentOS
Cantarell is a set of fonts designed by Dave Crossland.
It is a sans-serif humanist typeface family.


abattis-cantarell-fonts-0.0.25-1.el7.noarch [149 KiB] Changelog by Kalev Lember (2016-08-19):
- Update to 0.0.25
- Resolves: #1386753
abattis-cantarell-fonts-0.0.16-3.el7.noarch [76 KiB] Changelog by Kalev Lember (2015-09-11):
- Avoid regenerating upstream shipped font files
- Resolves: #1254893

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