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"SLC6X: Letter V: VidyoDesktop

VidyoDesktop - VidyoDesktop

License: Commercial
VidyoDesktop software client delivers low latency HD-quality video for
natural communications, and single-click simplicity with an intuitive
graphical user interface. Vidyo(TM) puts the productivity power of video
conferencing into the hands of users.

VidyoDesktop is a highly flexible application with data sharing options
and customizable personal screen layouts, including preferred speaker and
continuous presence formats. VidyoDesktop integrates seamlessly with
VidyoRoom(TM), VidyoPanorama, VidyoMobile systems, traditional H.323 and
SIP endpoints using the VidyoGateway(TM).


VidyoDesktop-3.3.0-027.x86_64 [13.0 MiB] (no changelog entry)
VidyoDesktop-3.0.3-022.x86_64 [13.0 MiB] (no changelog entry)
VidyoDesktop-3.0.1-012.i386 [11.4 MiB] (no changelog entry)
VidyoDesktop-2.2.1-00417.x86_64 [9.4 MiB] (no changelog entry)
VidyoDesktop-2.2.1-00406.x86_64 [9.4 MiB] (no changelog entry)

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