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"SLC6X: system environment/libraries: saslwrapper

saslwrapper - Ruby and Python wrappers for the cyrus sasl library.

License: ASL 2.0
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
A simple wrapper for cyrus-sasl that permits easy binding into
scripting languages.


saslwrapper-0.14-1.el6.i686 [17 KiB] Changelog by Nuno Santos (2012-04-02):
- Rebased to official upstream 0.14 release
- Resolves: rhbz#808783
saslwrapper-0.10-2.el6.i686 [17 KiB] Changelog by Ted Ross (2011-04-12):
- Related: rhbz#693862
- Added ExclusiveArch: i686 x86_64

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