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"SLC6X: development/libraries: mpich

mpich - A high-performance implementation of MPI

License: MIT
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
MPICH is a high-performance and widely portable implementation of the
MPI standard (MPI-1, MPI-2 and MPI-3). This release has all MPI-2.2 functions
and features required by the standard with the exeption of support for the
"external32" portable I/O format and user-defined data representations for I/O.

The mpich binaries in this RPM packages were configured to use the default
process manager (Hydra) using the default device (ch3). The ch3 device
was configured with support for the nemesis channel that allows for
shared-memory and TCP/IP sockets based communication.

This build also include support for using the 'module environment' to select
which MPI implementation to use when multiple implementations are installed.
If you want MPICH2 support to be automatically loaded, you need to install the
mpich-autoload package.


mpich-3.1-5.el6.i686 [1.4 MiB] Changelog by Michal Schmidt (2016-01-18):
- Rebuild against
  Resolves: rhbz1170799
mpich-3.1-4.el6.i686 [1.4 MiB] Changelog by Michal Schmidt (2014-08-21):
- Obsolete mpich2's subpackages too. Use versioned Obsoletes.
  Resolves: rhbz1130083

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