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"SLC6X: applications/internet: mailx

mailx - Enhanced implementation of the mailx command

License: BSD with advertising and MPLv1.1
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
Mailx is an enhanced mail command, which provides the functionality
of the POSIX mailx command, as well as SysV mail and Berkeley Mail
(from which it is derived).

Additionally to the POSIX features, mailx can work with Maildir/ e-mail
storage format (as well as mailboxes), supports IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
procotols (including over SSL) to operate with remote hosts, handles mime
types and different charsets. There are a lot of other useful features,
see mailx(1).

And as its ancient analogues, mailx can be used as a mail script language,
both for sending and receiving mail.

Besides the "mailx" command, this package provides "mail" and "Mail"
(which should be compatible with its predecessors from the mailx-8.x source),
as well as "nail" (the initial name of this project).


mailx-12.4-10.el6_10.i686 [224 KiB] Changelog by Nikola Forró (2018-08-22):
- remove unused variable
  related: #1545837
mailx-12.4-8.el6_6.i686 [224 KiB] Changelog by jchaloup (2014-12-10):
- CVE-2004-2771 mailx: command execution flaw
  resolves: #1171175
mailx-12.4-7.el6.i686 [224 KiB] Changelog by Peter Schiffer (2013-05-27):
- resolves: #857120
  fixed incorrect return code when TMPDIR points to invalid path
- resolves: #845098
  added support for alternatives

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