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"SLC6X: development/libraries: libsoup-devel

libsoup-devel - Header files for the Soup library

License: LGPLv2
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
Libsoup is an HTTP library implementation in C. This package allows
you to develop applications that use the libsoup library.


libsoup-devel-2.34.3-5.el6.i686 [193 KiB] Changelog by Milan Crha (2015-11-12):
- Fix a crash of 'readable' emit on disconnect for blocking sockets (rh#1009104)
libsoup-devel-2.34.3-3.el6_6.i686 [193 KiB] Changelog by (2015-01-05):
- Fix TLS negotiation; don't default to SSLv3 (rh#975457)
libsoup-devel-2.34.3-2.el6.i686 [193 KiB] Changelog by Dan Winship (2014-06-11):
- rebase to libsoup 2.34 (via f15 package) (rh#1101399)
libsoup-devel-2.28.2-4.el6.i686 [182 KiB] Changelog by Dan Winship (2012-08-30):
- Fix infinite retry of non-resposive conection (rh#746587)
libsoup-devel-2.28.2-1.el6_1.1.i686 [182 KiB] Changelog by Dan Winship (2011-07-20):
- Patch for CVE-2011-2524

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