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"SLC6X: system environment/libraries: librsvg2

librsvg2 - An SVG library based on cairo

License: LGPLv2+
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
An SVG library based on cairo.


librsvg2-2.26.0-14.el6.i686 [139 KiB] Changelog by Ray Strode (2014-08-22):
- Fix for s390x
  Resolves: #1127719
librsvg2-2.26.0-6.el6_5.3.i686 [139 KiB] Changelog by Tomas Hoger (2014-02-04):
- Fix add-permission-check.patch to update all rsvg_pixbuf_new_from_href()
librsvg2-2.26.0-6.el6_5.2.i686 [139 KiB] Changelog by Jasper St. Pierre (2014-01-14):
- Fix build by linking in -lm
- io: Implement strict network policy (CVE-2013-1881)
  Resolves: #1049155
librsvg2-2.26.0-5.el6_1.1.i686 [137 KiB] Changelog by Marek Kasik (2011-09-07):
- Store node type separately in RsvgNode (CVE-2011-3146)
  Resolves: #735266

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