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"SLC6X: system environment/libraries: libX11

libX11 - Core X11 protocol client library

License: MIT
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
Core X11 protocol client library.


libX11-1.6.4-4.el6_10.i686 [592 KiB] Changelog by Michel Dänzer (2020-10-28):
- Fix CVE-2020-14363 (#1873920)
libX11-1.6.4-3.el6.i686 [592 KiB] Changelog by Peter Hutterer (2017-01-09):
- Fix a bug in the memory leak fix from 1.6.4-2
libX11-1.6.3-2.el6.i686 [592 KiB] Changelog by Olivier Fourdan (2016-01-21):
- Fix XkbGetKeyboardByName issue with Xming server (#1158613)
libX11-1.6.0-6.el6.i686 [592 KiB] Changelog by Peter Hutterer (2015-05-19):
- Fix request length checks always evaluating to true (#1222348)
- Fix potential memory leak
libX11-1.6.0-2.2.el6.i686 [590 KiB] Changelog by Adam Jackson (2014-04-28):
- Restore XKeysymDB
libX11-1.5.0-4.el6.i686 [588 KiB] Changelog by Peter Hutterer (2012-08-02):
- Bring back XKeysymDB, openmotif requires it (#755657)

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