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"SLC6X: Letter S: subversion17-subversion

subversion17-subversion - A Modern Concurrent Version Control System

License: ASL 2.0
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
Subversion is a concurrent version control system which enables one
or more users to collaborate in developing and maintaining a
hierarchy of files and directories while keeping a history of all
changes.  Subversion only stores the differences between versions,
instead of every complete file.  Subversion is intended to be a
compelling replacement for CVS.


subversion17-subversion-1.7.14-7.slc6.1.i686 [1.0 MiB] Changelog by Jaroslaw Polok (2015-09-15):
- repackage as SCL for 6.
subversion17-subversion-1.7.14-6.slc6.1.i686 [1.0 MiB] Changelog by Jaroslaw Polok (2015-06-04):
- package as SCL (initial release)

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