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"SLC6X: Letter S: shibboleth-embedded-ds

shibboleth-embedded-ds - Client-side federation discovery service for SAML-based SSO

License: Apache-2.0
Vendor: Shibboleth Consortium
The Embedded Discovery Service is a JS/CSS/HTML-based tool for
identity provider selection in conjunction with SAML-based web
single sign-on implementations such as Shibboleth.


shibboleth-embedded-ds-1.2.0-4.3.slc6.noarch [20 KiB] Changelog by Scott Cantor (2016-06-06):
- Update version
- Fix license name
shibboleth-embedded-ds-1.1.0-3.1.slc6.noarch [20 KiB] Changelog by Scott Cantor (2015-04-29):
- Update version
- Stop marking text files as configs
- Add gif to package

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