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"SLC6X: user interface/x: xorg-x11-server-utils

xorg-x11-server-utils - X.Org X11 X server utilities

License: MIT
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
A collection of utilities used to tweak and query the runtime configuration
of the X server.


xorg-x11-server-utils-7.7-14.el6.x86_64 [155 KiB] Changelog by Adam Jackson (2015-11-03):
- Sync sources with RHEL 7.2, drop merged patches
xorg-x11-server-utils-7.7-2.el6.x86_64 [154 KiB] Changelog by Adam Jackson (2014-06-13):
- Fix utmp sessreg usage (#978523)
xorg-x11-server-utils-7.5-13.el6.x86_64 [158 KiB] Changelog by Peter Hutterer (2012-05-15):
- xinput 1.6.0
xorg-x11-server-utils-7.5-5.2.el6.x86_64 [132 KiB] Changelog by Adam Jackson (2011-10-03):
- xrandr-1.3.4-hush.patch: Silence a misleading diagnostic on non-randr-1.2
  servers (#740146)
xorg-x11-server-utils-7.4-15.el6_0.2.x86_64 [129 KiB] Changelog by Adam Jackson (2011-04-13):
- cve-2011-0465: Fix quoting and escaping logic to match upstream (#696310)

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