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"SLC6X: applications/system: virtio-win

virtio-win - VirtIO para-virtualized drivers for Windows(R)

License: Red Hat Proprietary and GPLv2
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
VirtIO para-virtualized Windows(R) drivers for 32-bit and 64-bit
Windows(R) guests.


virtio-win-1.8.0-1.el6.noarch [32.8 MiB] Changelog by Yash Mankad (2016-10-31):
- The virtio-win-1.8.0-1 release contains:
  - support for Windows 2016
  - Bugfixes and improvements (see below for bugzilla list)

- The drivers contained in this release are:
  - pvpanic build 121
  - Balloon build 125
  - viorng  build 125
  - viostor build 126
  - NetKVM  build 126
  - vioser  build 126
  - vioscsi build 124

- Also included in this release are:
  - qemu guest agent 7.3.2-1
  - qxl 0.1-24

This release addresses the following BZs:
- Resolves: bz#1384587
  (Backport virtio-win from RHEL-7.3 to RHEL-6.9)
- Resolves: bz#1290305
  (Win7 64bit guest got BSOD with error 0x0000000A when reboot several times)
- Resolves: bz#1304973
  (virtio-win 1.7.4 doesn't provide windows 10 drivers within vfd [rhel-6.9])
- Resolves: bz#1303906
  (RFE: [qemu-ga] provide command for setting administrator account password (Windows guest) [rhel-6.9])
- Solves: bz#950611
  ([NetKVM] Pass WHQL tests with RSC feature enabled )
- Solves: bz#954183
  ([NetKVM] Static driver verifier fails with NetKVM )
- Solves: bz#1013336
  ([virtio-win][netkvm] BSoD occurs when running NDISTest6.5 -[2 Machine] - MPE_Ethernet job on windows 2012 (Win10))
- Solves: bz#1122364
  ([virtio-win][vioser][rhel6]win2k8r2 guest bsod(7e) when do continuous hotplug/unplug during virtio serial in use with driver verifier enabled)
- Solves: bz#1157987
  (Windows hangs at startup if virtio-scsi device is configured with vectors=1, 2, and 3)
- Solves: bz#1161453
  ([whql][vioscsi]Job named by SCSI Compliance Test (LOGO) failed on win2k8-R2 and win8-64 guest)
- Solves: bz#1190960
  ([whql][netkvm][mq]job failed due to "Received some net buffer lists out of order" w/ 4 queues)
- Solves: bz#1208465
  (Windows guest boots up slowly with multiple virtual NIC devices (I attached 232 with mutifunction=on))
- Solves: bz#1210166
  ([vioscsi] Add multiqueue support to Windows virtio-scsi driver.)
- Solves: bz#1214177
  ([virtio-win] [NetKVM] Compilation errors with Visual Studio 2015 while trying to compile NetKVM)
- Solves: bz#1214568
  ([RFE][virtio-win] Add WMI facility to check the virito-scsi mq enabled)
- Solves: bz#1219841
  ([RFE] vioscsi.sys should support MS Cluster Services)
- Solves: bz#1223426
  ([NetKVM] Performance degradation with multi-queue)
- Solves: bz#1234741
  ([virtio-win][vioscsi]win2012 guest bsod(c9) when whql test DPWLK-HotAdd(1104) job)
- Solves: bz#1234751
  ([virtio-win][vioscsi]win2012R2 guest bsod(d1) when whql test DPWLK-HotAdd(1104) job)
- Solves: bz#1235108
  ([virtio-win][vioscsi]VIOSCSI driver is not signed by redhat certification on win200832/64 platform)
- Solves: bz#1237024
  ([virtio-win][netkvm]ipv6 uploading speed is quite slow when set "TCP/UDP checksum offload(IPv6)" to "Rx & Tx Enabled")
- Solves: bz#1241986
  (win7 64bit BSOD when booting it on RHEL7.2 host)
- Solves: bz#1243229
  ([virtio-win][scsi][windows 10]win10 and win2016 guests bsod with D1 when run job "Bus Reset Test")
- Solves: bz#1245957
  ([WHQL][viostor][data-plane]it could not generate dump file on WIN2008-32/64 via WLK while running Crash Dump job)
- Solves: bz#1246993
  ([virtio-win][svvp][ws2016] job "Signed Driver Check (CheckLogo)" failed during ws2016 svvp test)
- Solves: bz#1247006
  ([virtio-win][svvp][ws2016] job "Profile Interrupt Test" failed during ws2016 svvp test)
- Solves: bz#1248873
  ([whql][netkvm]Job named NDISTest6.5-InvalidPackets failed with HCK on win8-32/win8-64(build 106))
- Solves: bz#1248977
  ([virtio-win][vioscsi] Cannot install vioscsi driver on win7-32&win2008-32)
- Solves: bz#1249867
  ([WHQL][vioscsi]Job hangs and it cannot continure on windows2008 guest via WLK)
- Solves: bz#1250854
  ([WHQL][vioscsi]The job named crash dump failed on windows 2008 -32/64 platform)
- Solves: bz#1256583
  (Win10 guest can't get ip address from dhcpserver when add mrg_rxbuf=off for virtio-net-pci)
- Solves: bz#1266340
  ([whql][netkvm]NDISTest6.5 Manual test failed and generate dump file on windows 2008 guest)
- Solves: bz#1270149
  ([virtio-win][netkvm] Check guest network link status of virtio nic with status=on failed (build 110))
- Solves: bz#1289406
  ([virtio-win][vioser] Cannot install vioser driver successfully)
- Solves: bz#1292788
  ([virtio-win][viostor] Cannot install viostor driver on win7-64&win2008-64&win2008R2)
- Solves: bz#1293042
  ([virtio-win][vioser] Extra '-' (dash) in serial driver name)
- Solves: bz#1293249
  ([virtio-win][vioser] IOCTL_GET_INFORMATION does not return required buffer size)
- Solves: bz#1296092
  ([virtio-win][balloon] balloon driver can not be installed automately via pnputil)
- Solves: bz#1303511
  (update copyright of license.txt file in virtio-win to 2016)
- Solves: bz#1303809
  (provide QEMU guest agent command for setting root/administrator account password - window guests)
- Solves: bz#1303988
  ([virtio-win] [virtio-1] [RFE] Add Virtio-1.0 support for NetKVM)
- Solves: bz#1304041
  ([virtio-win] [virtio-1] [RFE] Add Virtio-1.0 support for vioserial)
- Solves: bz#1304044
  ([virtio-win] [virtio-1] [RFE] Add Virtio-1.0 support for vioscsi)
- Solves: bz#1304049
  ([virtio-win] [virtio-1] [RFE] Add Virtio-1.0 support for viostor)
- Solves: bz#1313243
  ([virtio-win][netkvm][rhel6]win2008-32 guest bsod with HARDWARE_INTERRUP_STORM(f2) when running netper
f for longevity test)
- Solves: bz#1313887
  ([RFE] provide QEMU guest agent command for setting root account password (Windows guest) [rhel-7.3])
- Solves: bz#1315984
  ([virtio-win] [virtio-1] [RFE] Add Virtio-1.0 support for baloon)
- Solves: bz#1315985
  ([virtio-win] [virtio-1] [RFE] Add Virtio-1.0 support for rng)
- Solves: bz#1321774
  ([virtio-win][vioscsi]fio jobs keep printing "0% done" in win2012r2 guest)
- Solves: bz#1325078
  (Add TargetOSVersion to driver inf files)
- Solves: bz#1328275
  (virtio-win doesn't provide windows 10 drivers within vfd [rhel-7.3])
- Solves: bz#1334736
  (On the LAN network, as long as the VMs receive the Network message, and will always blue screen.)
- Solves: bz#1336368
  ([virtio-win][viostor][virtio1.0]Cannot enlarge/shrink disk with virtio1.0 device)
- Solves: bz#1339175
  ([NetKVM] Turn on RSC feature in NetKVM driver)
- Solves: bz#1340571
  (Add Windows 2k16 drivers to virtio-win)
- Solves: bz#1352432
  ([virtio-win][vioscsi]Win2012-64&R2 guest occurred bsod(d1) when whql test DPWLK- Hot-Replace - Device Test - Verify driver support for D3 power state)
- Solves: bz#1352517
  ([virtio-win][balloon][whql]windows guest BSOD when run several WHQL jobs)
- Solves: bz#1352809
  ([virtio-win][viorng]wrong dervier version for virtio-win-prewhql-121)
- Solves: bz#1356363
  ([virtio-win][viorng] cannot install viorng driver on win2008-32/64 (build 122) )
- Solves: bz#1358125
  (Virtio 1.0 driver didn't work on win10 with q35 machine type)
- Solves: bz#1359072
  ([virtio-win][netkvm][whql]many whql jobs occurred BSOD(DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION (c4)) on build 122)
- Solves: bz#1361501
  ([virtio-win][balloon] report "VCRUNTIME120.dll is missing from your computer"error when using blnsvr.exe)
virtio-win-1.7.2-2.el6.noarch [80.4 MiB] Changelog by Mike Bonnet (2014-09-11):
- Update guest-agent installers
- Resolves: rhbz#1104499

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