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"SLC6X: applications/emulators: seabios

seabios - Open-source legacy BIOS implementation

License: LGPLv3
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
SeaBIOS is an open-source legacy BIOS implementation which can be used as
a coreboot payload. It implements the standard BIOS calling interfaces
that a typical x86 proprietary BIOS implements.


seabios- [92 KiB] Changelog by Jeff E. Nelson (2015-03-18):
- seabios-boot.c-delay-exiting-boot-if-menu-key-is-ESC.patch [bz#1131530]
- seabios-boot-allow-pressing-ESC-to-enter-the-menu.patch [bz#1131530]
- Resolves: bz#1131530
  (Provide a platform agnostic approach to invoking the BIOS, boot menu, or other BIOS functions)
seabios- [91 KiB] Changelog by Michal Novotny (2013-05-30):
- seabios-Add-pvpanic-device-driver.patch [bz#963312]
- Resolves: bz#963312
  ([Hitachi 6.5 FEAT] (SeaBIOS) "virsh dump" support for automatic capturing and automatic actions after capturing.)
seabios- [90 KiB] Changelog by Michal Novotny (2012-12-10):
- seabios-pci-use-u64-for-pci-address-space-math.patch [bz#771616]
- Resolves: bz#771616
  (Too big value of QXL-VGA ram_size and vram_size cause VM paused (internal-error))
seabios- [88 KiB] Changelog by Michal Novotny (2012-04-18):
- seabios-increase-f-segment-memory-pool.patch [bz#810471]
- Resolves: bz#810471
  (boot fails while starting guest with sockets>62 and cores=1 and threads=1 option  and 10 virtio disks)
seabios- [81 KiB] Changelog by Michal Novotny (2011-11-01):
- seabios-Add-Local-APIC-NMI-Structure-to-ACPI-MADT-wa.patch [bz#750191]
- seabios-fix-mptable-nmi-entry-was-Re-Qemu-devel-PATC.patch [bz#750191]
- Resolves: bz#750191
  (Wrong LINT1/NMI ACPI and mptable descriptors)
seabios- [80 KiB] Changelog by Michal Novotny (2011-09-22):
- seabios-increase-smp_mtrr-array-size-v2.patch [bz#740185]
- Resolves: bz#740185
  ([RHEL6.1] - Windows2008 32-bit guest installation fails.)
seabios- [80 KiB] Changelog by Eduardo Habkost (2011-02-03):
- seabios-support-T13-EDD3.0-spec.patch [bz#673751]
- seabios-lets-pretend-that-RTC-can-be-used-to-wakeup-from-S4.patch [bz#663240]
- Resolves: bz#663240
  ([WHQL] pwrtest failed in the job "CHAOS-Concurrent Hardware And OS test")
- Resolves: bz#673751
  (Provide EDD3.0 info in accordance with T13 spec.)

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