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"SLC6X: applications/internet: rsync

rsync - A program for synchronizing files over a network

License: GPLv3+
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
Rsync uses a reliable algorithm to bring remote and host files into
sync very quickly. Rsync is fast because it just sends the differences
in the files over the network instead of sending the complete
files. Rsync is often used as a very powerful mirroring process or
just as a more capable replacement for the rcp command. A technical
report which describes the rsync algorithm is included in this


rsync-3.0.6-12.el6.x86_64 [333 KiB] Changelog by Pavel Šimerda (2014-03-28):
- Resolves: #1011219 - Typo in manpage
rsync-3.0.6-9.el6_4.1.x86_64 [333 KiB] Changelog by Petr Stodulka (2013-10-22):
- Fix segfault when perform iconv (#1022358)
rsync-3.0.6-9.el6.x86_64 [333 KiB] Changelog by Vojtech Vitek (V-Teq) (2012-04-02):
- Revert portreserve, as portrelease functionality needs to be
  implemented first in the rsync binary (#786076)
rsync-3.0.6-5.el6_0.1.x86_64 [333 KiB] Changelog by Vojtech Vitek (2011-03-15):
- Add upstream patch to fix CVE-2011-1097 - Incremental file-list
  corruption due to temporary file_extra_cnt increments
  Resolves: #684932

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