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"SLC6X: quattor/system: perl-CAF

perl-CAF - CAF: Common Application Framework for quattor perl applications

Vendor: EU DataGrid / CERN
Provides Common Application Framework (Perl)
libraries for quattor tools (


perl-CAF-1.9.0-2.noarch [72 KiB] Changelog by Luis Fernando Muñoz Mejías (2011-05-12):
- Add NoAction to Object and stringify to File*

Process and File* will not do anything if NoAction is present. The
name is probably not optimal, but it's consistent with what we
find in NCM::Components.

Also, it's possible to get the contents of a FileWriter or
FileEditor as if it was a string, and check if it contains some
pattern just by doing

$fh =~ m{regexp};

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