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"SLC6X: system environment/libraries: osutil

osutil - Operating System Utilities JNI Package

License: GPLv2
Vendor: Scientific Linux
The Operating System Utilities Java Native Interface (JNI) package
supplies various native operating system operations to Java programs.


osutil-2.0.1-1.el6.x86_64 [23 KiB] Changelog by Matthew Harmsen (2011-01-21):
- Removed version information from NSPR and NSS build/runtime requires
- Bugzilla Bug #638377 - Generate PKI UI components which exclude
  a GUI interface
- Bugzilla Bug #643206 - New CMake based build system for Dogtag
- Bugzilla Bug #644056 - CS build contains warnings
- Bugzilla Bug #667556 - Consolidate 'osutil' SVN source code with
  'osutil' GIT source code

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