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"SLC6X: applications/system: kexec-tools-eppic

kexec-tools-eppic - Additional shared object

License: GPLv2
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
The shared object is loaded by the
"makedumpfile --eppic" option, and is used to erase sensitive
or confidential kernel data from a dumpfile.


kexec-tools-eppic-2.0.0-310.el6.x86_64 [149 KiB] Changelog by Pingfan Liu (2018-04-12):
- kdump.init: replace root=by-path in the 2nd kernel cmdline with root=uuid
kexec-tools-eppic-2.0.0-307.el6_9.1.x86_64 [149 KiB] Changelog by Baoquan He (2017-09-26):
- Improve 'cpu add' udev rules, resolves bug 1494022
kexec-tools-eppic-2.0.0-307.el6.x86_64 [148 KiB] Changelog by Baoquan He (2017-01-20):
- mkdumprd: add mdmon binary for raid1 support, resolves bug 1404263
kexec-tools-eppic-2.0.0-300.el6_8.2.x86_64 [148 KiB] Changelog by Baoquan He (2016-12-16):
mkdumprd: Allow findmodule() to add dependency for lsmod output, resolves bug 1403699
mkdumprd: Kill useless code in moduledep(), resolves bug 1403699
kexec-tools-eppic-2.0.0-300.el6_8.1.x86_64 [147 KiB] Changelog by Baoquan He (2016-09-14):
- mkdumprd: skip logical interfaces for bridge, resolves bug 1375890
kexec-tools-eppic-2.0.0-300.el6.x86_64 [147 KiB] Changelog by Baoquan He (2016-03-29):
- fadump/ppc64: only check for dump target paths fadump supports, resolves bug 1254923
kexec-tools-eppic-2.0.0-286.el6_7.2.x86_64 [144 KiB] Changelog by Baoquan He (2016-02-14):
Don't handle vnet<n> used by VMs on RHEV host, resolves bug 1305481
kexec-tools-eppic-2.0.0-286.el6_7.1.x86_64 [144 KiB] Changelog by Baoquan He (2015-12-22):
- makedumpfile fails to copy some firmware memory in sadump vmcore formats, resolves bug 1290723
kexec-tools-eppic-2.0.0-286.el6.x86_64 [144 KiB] Changelog by Baoquan He (2015-06-02):
- update kexec-kdump-howto.txt, resolves bug 949376
- mkdumprd: Load the mlx4_core module if it is needed in the 2nd kernel, resolves bug 1099589
- nfs dump will fail when netdev has different device name in ifcfg-$dev, resolves bug 1005141 
- udev-rules: Restart kdump service on cpu ADD/REMOVE events, resolves bug 1113276
kexec-tools-eppic-2.0.0-280.el6_6.2.x86_64 [137 KiB] Changelog by Baoquan He (2015-04-03):
- Add the missed change log for 2.0.0-280.1, resolves bug 1208753
kexec-tools-eppic-2.0.0-280.el6.x86_64 [137 KiB] Changelog by Baoquan He (2014-08-27):
- mkdumprd: wait for multipath device node, resolves bug 1128248
- mkdumprd: clean up found logic in wait_for_multipath_devices(), resolves bug 1128248
- use "getent ahostsv4 host-name" to get ipv4 address of a host name, resolves bug 1127138

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