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"SLC6X: applications/publishing: evince

evince - Document viewer

License: GPLv2+ and GFDL
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
Evince is simple multi-page document viewer. It can display and print
Portable Document Format (PDF), PostScript (PS) and Encapsulated PostScript
(EPS) files. When supported by the document format, evince allows searching
for text, copying text to the clipboard, hypertext navigation,
table-of-contents bookmarks and editing of forms.

Support for other document formats such as DVI can be added by installing
additional backends.


evince-2.28.2-20.el6.x86_64 [924 KiB] Changelog by Marek Kasik (2016-09-29):
- Take height into account when computing scale
- Resolves: #885054
evince-2.28.2-19.el6.x86_64 [924 KiB] Changelog by Marek Kasik (2016-03-29):
- Allow printing to all formats supported by backend
- Resolves: #1320530
evince-2.28.2-14.el6_0.1.x86_64 [924 KiB] Changelog by Marek Kasik (2011-01-03):
- Fixes CVE-2010-2640, CVE-2010-2641, CVE-2010-2642 and CVE-2010-2643
- Resolves: #666323

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