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python-toscawidgets - Toolkit to help create widgets for WSGI web apps

License: MIT
Vendor: Koji
ToscaWidgets is a web widget toolkit for Python to aid in the creation,
packaging and distribution of common view elements normally used in the web.

ToscaWidgets is an almost complete rewrite of the widgets package bundled with
TurboGears-1.0. The rewrite's goal was to decouple the widgets package from
CherryPy and TurboGears itself to fit better with TurboGears 2.0
philosophy which is to partition it's services into independent WSGI
components for easier mainteinance and reuse in other Python web applications
or frameworks.


python-toscawidgets-0.9.8-1.el6.noarch [122 KiB] Changelog by Luke Macken (2009-10-01):
- 0.9.8 release
- Remove js patch which is now upstream

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