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python-myghty - Python-based templating system derived from HTML::Mason

License: MIT
Vendor: Koji
Myghty is a Python based web and templating framework originally based on
HTML::Mason, the enterprise-level framework used by,
and, among many others. Myghty fully implements Mason's templating
language, component-based architecture, and caching system, and goes beyond,
adding new paradigms such the Module Components controller paradigm, full
Python whitespace syntax, threading support, WSGI support, session support,
and much more.


python-myghty-1.1-11.el6.noarch [518 KiB] Changelog by Toshio Kuratomi - 1.1-11 (2010-06-25):
- Add README file
- Update old way of invoking
- Fix conditionals for python-setuptools
- Comment what myghty-importer.patch does

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