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samba - The Samba SMB server.

License: GNU GPL Version 2
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
Samba is the suite of programs by which a lot of PC-related machines
share files, printers, and other information (such as lists of
available files and printers). The Windows NT, OS/2, and Linux
operating systems support this natively, and add-on packages can
enable the same thing for DOS, Windows, VMS, UNIX of all kinds, MVS,
and more. This package provides an SMB server that can be used to
provide network services to SMB (sometimes called "Lan Manager")
clients. Samba uses NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT) protocols and does NOT
need the NetBEUI (Microsoft Raw NetBIOS frame) protocol.


samba-3.0.33-3.40.el5_10.x86_64 [16.3 MiB] Changelog by - Andreas Schneider (2014-03-07):
- Security Release, fixes CVE-2013-0213 and CVE-2013-4124
- resolves: #1073350

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