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hwraidtools - Hardware RAID toolkit

License: LGPL
Vendor: CERN
This toolkit contains:
	- hwraidman: scriptable configuration of hardware RAID arrays. It can save
	  current config in CSV format, destroy arrays, create arrays from CSV
	  (also from its own output)
	  Currently suppored controllers:
		- 3ware 8xxx and 9xxx series (kernels 2.4 and 2.6)
		- Areca (on 2.6 kernels only)
		- Megaraid (LSI, DELL Perc etc; 2.6 kernels only)
		- Adaptec (all variations, 2.6 only)
	- generate PAN-format output from 'hwraidman info'
	  and also for more details


hwraidtools-4.15-2.slc5.noarch [27 KiB] Changelog by Imre SZEBENYI (2012-09-05):
- Added dist tag see

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