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cern-alerter - Displays alerts from CERN RSS feeds

License: GPLv2+
CERN Alerter

The main purpose of the CERN Alerter application is to provide one-way messaging system for distributing important CERN
information to the users. Information is distributed in form of special RSS feeds and can be targeted to a specific set
of users/machines. Those feeds are called CERN obligatory feeds and their subscription is enforced by the administrator.
In addition to that some functionality for handling other (normal) RSS feeds has been provided. This allows user to
subscribe to any RSS feed and use CERN Alerter notification mechanism, as a way of informing the user about new coming


cern-alerter-0.9b-11.noarch [600 KiB] Changelog by Jaroslaw Polok (2010-10-07):
- initial packaging

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