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"SLC6X: Letter R: rubygem-mime-types

rubygem-mime-types - Return the MIME Content-Type for a given filename

License: GPL+ or Ruby or Artistic
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
MIME::Types for Ruby manages a MIME Content-Type database that will return the
Content-Type for a given filename.

MIME::Types was originally based on and synchronized with MIME::Types for
Perl by Mark Overmeer, copyright 2001 - 2009. As of version 1.15, the data
format for the MIME::Type list has changed and the synchronization will no
longer happen.


rubygem-mime-types-1.16-4.el6_0.noarch [71 KiB] Changelog by Jay Greguske (2011-04-05):
- Version bump

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