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"SLC6X: MRG Realtime: rt-tests

rt-tests - Programs that test various rt-features

Website: git://
License: GPLv2
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
rt-tests is a set of programs that test and measure various components of
real-time kernel behavior. This package measures timer, signal, and hardware
latency. It also tests the functioning of priority-inheritance mutexes.


rt-tests-0.93-1.el6rt.x86_64 [112 KiB] Changelog by John Kacur (2015-08-19):
- From Alexander Stein
  - cyclictest: Fix long priority help text option
- From Anna-Maria Gleixner
  - cyclictest: Convert the offset of the alignment option to microseconds
  - cyclictest: Align measurement threads to the next full second
- From Boris Egorov (2):
  - rt-migrate-test: exit early if nr_runs is non-positive
  - rt-migrate-test: use variables instead of macros
- Clark Williams
  - rt-migrate-test: make sure input parameters are converted to correct units
  - rt-migrate-test: sanity check --prio value
  - version bump to 0.91
  - makefile: fixed release target
  - hwlatdetect: added --watch option to watch output in realtime
  - doc: fix VERSION in release-checklist.txt
  - Version bump to v0.93
- Daniel Wagner
  - pi_stress: Clear affinity for DEADLINE tasks
- John Kacur
  - Fix minor grammar mistake in the help output
  - Allow building with -DHAVE_PARSE_CPUSTRING_ALL
  - Add a MAINTAINERS file
  - Version bump to v0.92
  - Fix warning: unused variable ‘c’
  - Fix possible exit on error without releasing mutex
  - Create a .gitattribute file to specify what files git-archive should
    - ignore
  - Add .tar files to .gitignore
  - Create an rt-tests.tar file using git-archive
- Michael Olbrich
  - Makefile: pi_stress need librttest.a so it should depend on it
  - Makefile: cleanup linking to librttest.a
- Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
  - cyclictest: consider the 4 as the major version
- Uwe Kleine-König
  - pi_stress: remove timestamp of compilation from version output
- Anna-Maria Gleixner
  - cyclictest: Ensure that next wakeup time is never in the past
rt-tests-0.90-1.el6rt.x86_64 [109 KiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2015-01-27):
- pip_stress: parameterize usleep value to work-around platform issues
- From Daniel Wagner <>:
  - pi_stress: Store schedule attributes per thread
  - rt-utils: Add gettid()
  - rt-utils: Add helper to parse/print scheduling policies
  - rt-sched: Add sched_setattr/sched_getattr API
  - pi_stress: Use error.h for logging and debugging
  - error: Add debug() function
  - pi_stress: Remove unused TIMER_SIGNAL definition
  - rt-tests.h: Remove unused header file
  - hackbench: Don't re-assign context for each fd
- From Joakim Hernberg <>:
  - cyclictest: make affinity option only use number of online cpus
- From John Kacur <>:
  - cyclictest: Add long option --laptop to preserve battery power
  - cyclictest: Fix help for long options only
  - cyclictest: Change the output from function sighand() to stderr
  - cyclictest: Always print an err message if write of 0 to cpu-dma_latency fails
  - rt_numa.h: Suppress discards 'const' qualifier warning
  - lib: Rework err_msg_n to output strerror after message
- From Alexey Brodkin <>:
  - Makefile: allow building selected tests with non-NPTL toolchain
rt-tests-0.83-1.el6rt.x86_64 [97 KiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2011-09-26):
- modified Makefile to be smarter about building with NUMA
rt-tests-0.73-1.el6rt.x86_64 [90 KiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2011-05-09):
- fixed signal handling in hackbench (avoid thousands of zombies)
- from Geunsik Lim <>
  - fix incorrect wakeup interface in cyclictest
- from Wolfram Sang <>
  - Simplify Makefile using -D option to install
- from Carsten Emde <>
  - add histogram summary column option (-H) to cyclictest
- from Daniel Sangorrin <>
  - fix sched_setaffinity type error when building with UCLIB
- from Uwe Kleine-König <>
  - install backfire's Makefile
  - modernize backfire's Makefile

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