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"SLC6X: Letter P: perf

perf - Performance monitoring for the Linux kernel

License: GPLv2
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
This package provides the supporting documentation for the perf tool
shipped in each kernel image subpackage.


perf- [276 KiB] Changelog by Luis Claudio R. Goncalves (2012-01-04):
- Turn off -virt packages for production build
perf- [306 KiB] Changelog by Luis Claudio R. Goncalves (2011-08-23):
- acpi: /sys/kernel/debug/acpi/custom_method can bypass module restrictions [680844] {CVE-2011-1021}
- add missing cxgb3/t3fw-7.10.0.bin firmware files [728310]
- add /sys/kernel/realtime entry [728551]
- add the crash module [681987]
- agp: insufficient page_count parameter checking in agp_allocate_memory() [699011] {CVE-2011-1746}
- agp: insufficient pg_start parameter checking in AGPIOC_BIND and AGPIOC_UNBIND ioctls [699007] {CVE-2011-1745} {CVE-2011-2022}
- backport: sched/cpupri: Remove the vec->lock [727699]
- backport: timers-avoid-the-base-null-otptimization-on-rt.patch from v3.0.0-rt6 [727549]
- be2net 0000:03:00.0: Error in cmd completion - opcode 103, compl 2, extd 30 [719742]
- bluetooth: buffer overflow in l2cap config request [716811] {CVE-2011-2497}
- bluetooth: l2cap and rfcomm: fix 1 byte infoleak to userspace [703024] {CVE-2011-2492}
- config: disable deprecated CONFIG_NF_CT_ACCT [710158]
- dccp: handle invalid feature options length [703014] {CVE-2011-1770}
- fs: cifs session reuse [697397] {CVE-2011-1585}
- fs: corrupted GUID partition tables can cause kernel oops [695983] {CVE-2011-1577}
- fs: DoS (crash) due slab corruption in inotify_init1 [692096] {CVE-2011-1479}
- fs: ext4: kernel panic when writing data to the last block of sparse file [722564] {CVE-2011-2695}
- fs: no access restrictions of /proc/pid/* after setuid program exec [692040] {CVE-2011-1020}
- fs: /proc/PID/io infoleak  [716831] {CVE-2011-2495}
- fs: /proc/PID/io infoleak [716831] {CVE-2011-2495}
- fs: proc: signedness issue in next_pidmap() [697828] {CVE-2011-1593}
- fs: rpc task leak after flock()ing  NFS share [709550] {CVE-2011-2491}
- fs: validate size of EFI GUID partition entries [703031] {CVE-2011-1776}
- gro: Fix memory leak/corruption on VLAN GRO_DROP [695177] {CVE-2011-1576}
- gro: reset dev and skb_iff on skb reuse [691272] {CVE-2011-1478}
- inet_diag: insufficient validation [714542] {CVE-2011-2213}
- kernel: tpm infoleaks [684676] {CVE-2011-1160}
- kexec: fix Oops in crash_shrink_memory() [730834]
- ksm: race between ksmd and exiting task [710988] {CVE-2011-2183}
- mm: avoid wrapping vm_pgoff in mremap() and stack expansions [716545] {CVE-2011-2496}
- mm: mem allocated invisible to oom_kill() if not attached to threads [625692] {CVE-2010-4243}
- net: missing check in can/bcm socket release [698484] {CVE-2011-1598} {CVE-2011-1748}
- net: netns vs proto registration ordering [702307] {CVE-2011-1767} {CVE-2011-1768}
- net: nl80211: missing check for valid SSID size in scan operations [718156] {CVE-2011-2517}
- nfs4: Ensure that ACL pages sent over NFS were not allocated from the slab [682646] {CVE-2011-1090}
- scsi: mpt2sas: prevent heap overflows [694024] {CVE-2011-1494} {CVE-2011-1495}
- sctp: race between ICMP protocol unreachable and connect() [667030] {CVE-2010-4526}
- taskstats: duplicate entries in listener mode can lead to DoS [715451] {CVE-2011-2484}
perf- [304 KiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2011-08-11):
- modified specfile to include new dirs and Module.symvers in -devel packages
perf- [302 KiB] Changelog by Luis Claudio R. Goncalves (2011-05-25):
- Backported PCI _CRS fixes from linux-tip

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