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devtoolset-2-apache-commons-compress - Java API for working with tar, zip and bzip2 files

License: ASL 2.0
The code in this component came from Avalon's Excalibur, but originally
from Ant, as far as life in Apache goes. The tar package is originally
Tim Endres' public domain package. The bzip2 package is based on the
work done by Keiron Liddle. It has migrated via:
Ant -> Avalon-Excalibur -> Commons-IO -> Commons-Compress.


devtoolset-2-apache-commons-compress-1.4.1-6.el6.noarch [225 KiB] Changelog by Sami Wagiaalla (2013-09-11):
- Resolves: rhbz#1136981. Remove Provides/Obsoletes of base packages.
devtoolset-2-apache-commons-compress-1.4.1-5.el6.noarch [225 KiB] Changelog by Krzysztof Daniel (2013-04-17):
- Fix the Source link.

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