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CentOS 7 - Updates for x86_64: system environment/base: scap-security-guide-doc

scap-security-guide-doc - HTML formatted documents containing security guides generated from XCCDF benchmarks.

License: Public Domain
Vendor: CentOS
The scap-security-guide-doc package contains HTML formatted documents containing security guides that have
been generated from XCCDF benchmarks present in scap-security-guide package.


scap-security-guide-doc-0.1.30-5.el7.centos.noarch [547 KiB] Changelog by Johnny Hughes (2017-03-03):
- Manual CentOS Debranding
scap-security-guide-doc-0.1.30-3.el7.centos.0.3.noarch [547 KiB] Changelog by 0.1.-3.0.3 (2016-12-02):
- Remove the Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider profile
- add 2nd branding patch
scap-security-guide-doc-0.1.25-3.el7.centos.0.1.noarch [320 KiB] Changelog by 0.1.25-3.centos.0.1 (2015-11-25):
- Use the CentOS SCAP content 
- scap-security-guide-0.1.25-centos-menu-branding.patch
scap-security-guide-doc-0.1.25-3.el7.centos.noarch [319 KiB] Changelog by 0.1.25-3.centos (2015-11-25):
- Use the CentOS SCAP content
scap-security-guide-doc-0.1.25-3.el7.noarch [319 KiB] Changelog by Jan iankko Lieskovsky (2015-10-02):
- Drop "Verify and Correct File Permissions with RPM" rule from the PCI-DSS
  profile for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RH BZ#1267861)

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