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CentOS 7 - Updates for x86_64: applications/internet: pcp-webapp-grafana

pcp-webapp-grafana - Grafana web application for Performance Co-Pilot (PCP)

License: ASL 2.0
Vendor: CentOS
Grafana is an open source, feature rich metrics dashboard and graph
editor.  This package provides a Grafana that uses the Performance
Co-Pilot (PCP) as the data repository.  Other Grafana backends are
not used.

Grafana can render time series dashboards at the browser via flot.js
(more interactive, slower, for beefy browsers) or alternately at the
server via png (less interactive, faster).


pcp-webapp-grafana-4.1.0-5.el7_6.noarch [627 KiB] Changelog by Nathan Scott (2018-10-09):
- Missing values from short /proc/*/status file reads (BZ 1600262)
pcp-webapp-grafana-4.1.0-4.el7.noarch [627 KiB] Changelog by Nathan Scott (2018-09-05):
- BPF kernel compatibility fixes (BZ 1597975)
- Several important selinux fixes (BZ 1603596)
pcp-webapp-grafana-3.12.2-5.el7.noarch [623 KiB] Changelog by Lukas Berk (2018-01-29):
- Correction to spec file and selinux policy (BZ 1488116)
- Show all perfevent metrics in pcpatop (BZ 1525864)
- Multilib corrections (BZ 1537623)
pcp-webapp-grafana-3.11.8-7.el7.noarch [622 KiB] Changelog by Nathan Scott (2017-06-14):
- Fix problems in the new pcp-zeroconf sub-package (BZ 1456609)
pcp-webapp-grafana-3.11.3-4.el7.noarch [620 KiB] Changelog by Lukas Berk (2016-08-26):
- pcp-pmda-ds389log uses dirsrv user instead of nobody
pcp-webapp-grafana-3.10.6-2.el7.noarch [630 KiB] Changelog by Nathan Scott (2015-08-24):
- Fixes targetting several QE reported test failures (BZ 1241591)
- Remove tool-specific interval settings for pmlogconf (BZ 1243809)

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