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CentOS 7 - Updates for x86_64: development/tools: git-gnome-keyring

git-gnome-keyring - Git module for working with gnome-keyring

License: GPLv2
Vendor: CentOS
Git module for working with gnome-keyring.


git-gnome-keyring- [32 KiB] Changelog by Pavel Cahyna (2018-10-19):
- Fix CVE-2018-17456: arbitrary code execution via .gitmodules
  Thanks to Jonathan Nieder <> for backporting to 2.1.x
  and to Steve Beattie <> for backporting to 1.9.1
git-gnome-keyring- [32 KiB] Changelog by Sebastian Kisela (2018-08-29):
- Fix httpd modules path to be independent from system architecture.
Upstream commit: 1976311aa285549599e5a451d7ad72b55a2b60e2
Resolves: #1213059

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