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CentOS 7 - RealTime for x86_64: RealTime: rteval

rteval - Utility to evaluate system suitability for RT Linux

License: GPLv2
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
The rteval script is a utility for measuring various aspects of
realtime behavior on a system under load. The script unpacks the
kernel source, and then goes into a loop, running hackbench and
compiling a kernel tree. During that loop the cyclictest program
is run to measure event response time. After the run time completes,
a statistical analysis of the event response times is done and printed
to the screen.


rteval-2.14-9.el7.noarch [112 KiB] Changelog by John Kacur (2017-10-27):
- Remove redundant files for clarity.
Resolves: rhbz1504162
rteval-2.14-1.el7.noarch [114 KiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2017-03-16):
- removed leftover import of systopology from sysinfo
rteval-2.12-1.el7.noarch [112 KiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2016-09-20):
- handle empty environment variables SUDO_USER and USER [1312057]
rteval-2.9-1.el7_2.noarch [112 KiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2016-05-09):
- default cpulist for modules if only one specified [1333831]
rteval-2.5-1.el7.noarch [112 KiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2015-12-10):
- stop using old numactl --cpubind argument
rteval-2.3-1.el7.noarch [108 KiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2015-08-12):
- comment out HWLatDetect module from default config [1245699]
rteval-2.1-7.el7.noarch [107 KiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2015-01-14):
- added requires of bzip2 to specfile [1151567]

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