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CentOS 7 - RealTime for x86_64: RealTime: kernel-rt-virt

kernel-rt-virt - The Linux kernel compiled with RT and virtualization

License: GPLv2
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
The kernel package contains the Linux kernel (vmlinuz), the core of any
Linux operating system.  The kernel handles the basic functions
of the operating system:  memory allocation, process allocation, device
input and output, etc.

This variant of the kernel has both RT and virtualization options turned on.
It is strictly for internal testing and should never be delivered to a


kernel-rt-virt-3.10.0-229.20.1.rt56.141.14.el7_1.x86_64 [28.7 MiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2015-09-28):
- [rt] kernel-rt-3.10.0-229.20.1.rt56.141.14.el7 (Clark Williams) [1266915 1265251]
kernel-rt-virt-3.10.0-229.14.1.rt56.141.13.el7_1.x86_64 [28.7 MiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2015-08-25):
- [rt] kernel-rt-3.10.0-229.14.1.rt56.141.13.el7 (Clark Williams) [1253809 1230395]
kernel-rt-virt-3.10.0-229.11.1.rt56.141.11.el7_1.x86_64 [28.7 MiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2015-07-22):
- [rt] kernel-rt-3.10.0-229.11.1.rt56.141.11.el7 (Clark Williams) [1234470 1230391]
kernel-rt-virt-3.10.0-229.7.2.rt56.141.6.el7_1.x86_64 [28.7 MiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2015-05-22):
- [rt] kernel-rt-3.10.0-229.7.2.rt56.141.6.el7 (Clark Williams) [1212083 1211724]
- xfs: Disable percpu SB on PREEMPT_RT_FULL (Steven Rostedt) [1223955 1223089]
kernel-rt-virt-3.10.0-229.4.2.rt56.141.6.el7_1.x86_64 [28.7 MiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2015-04-27):
- [rt] kernel-rt-3.10.0-229.4.1.rt56.141.5.el7 (Clark Williams) [1209963 1209190]
kernel-rt-virt-3.10.0-229.1.2.rt56.141.2.el7_1.x86_64 [28.7 MiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2015-03-23):
- [rt] rebase to 1.2 zstream (Clark Williams) [1200897]
kernel-rt-virt-3.10.0-229.rt56.141.el7.x86_64 [28.7 MiB] Changelog by Clark Williams (2015-02-11):
- [rt] mce: fixed RHEL-RT mis-merge with mce cleanup commit [1191668]

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