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CentOS 7 - Fasttrack for x86_64: development/tools: python-sphinx

python-sphinx - Python documentation generator

License: BSD and Public Domain and Python and (MIT or GPLv2)
Vendor: CentOS
Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and
beautiful documentation for Python projects (or other documents
consisting of multiple reStructuredText sources), written by Georg
Brandl. It was originally created to translate the new Python
documentation, but has now been cleaned up in the hope that it will be
useful to many other projects.

Sphinx uses reStructuredText as its markup language, and many of its
strengths come from the power and straightforwardness of
reStructuredText and its parsing and translating suite, the Docutils.

Although it is still under constant development, the following
features are already present, work fine and can be seen "in action" in
the Python docs:

    * Output formats: HTML (including Windows HTML Help) and LaTeX,
      for printable PDF versions
    * Extensive cross-references: semantic markup and automatic links
      for functions, classes, glossary terms and similar pieces of
    * Hierarchical structure: easy definition of a document tree, with
      automatic links to siblings, parents and children
    * Automatic indices: general index as well as a module index
    * Code handling: automatic highlighting using the Pygments highlighter
    * Various extensions are available, e.g. for automatic testing of
      snippets and inclusion of appropriately formatted docstrings.


python-sphinx-1.1.3-9.el7.noarch [1.1 MiB] Changelog by Matej Stuchlik (2015-06-22):
- Fix "container" directive handling in the text builder
Resolves: rhbz#1065137

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