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CentOS 7 - Extras for x86_64: development/languages: python-gevent

python-gevent - A coroutine-based Python networking library

License: MIT
Vendor: CentOS
gevent is a coroutine-based Python networking library that uses greenlet to
provide a high-level synchronous API on top of libevent event loop.

Features include:

  * convenient API around greenlets
  * familiar synchronization primitives (gevent.event, gevent.queue)
  * socket module that cooperates
  * WSGI server on top of libevent-http
  * DNS requests done through libevent-dns
  * monkey patching utility to get pure Python modules to cooperate


python-gevent-1.0-3.el7.x86_64 [273 KiB] Changelog by Josh Boyer (2017-04-18):
- Bump and rebuild for all architectures
python-gevent-1.0-2.el7.x86_64 [273 KiB] Changelog by Lokesh Mandvekar (2014-04-17):
- Rebuilt for RHEL-7

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