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CentOS 7 - CERN for x86_64: Letter L: libnvpair1

libnvpair1 - Solaris name-value library for Linux

License: CDDL
This package contains routines for packing and unpacking name-value
pairs.  This functionality is used to portably transport data across
process boundaries, between kernel and user space, and can be used
to write self describing data structures on disk.

Packages [29 KiB] Changelog by Ned Bass (2016-01-08):
- Linux 4.4 compat
- Assorted stability fixes
- Fixes for NFS-exported snapshots
- Fix kernel warning in unlock_new_inode() and deadlock
- Fix overflow in P2ROUNDUP_TYPED macro
- Fix write performance issue due to bad zfs_dirty_data_max calculation
- Fix builtin kernel builds
- Fix deadlock during direct memory reclaim [29 KiB] Changelog by Ned Bass (2015-10-13):
- Don't import all visible pools in zfs-import init script zfsonlinux/zfs#3777
- Fix use-after-free in vdev_disk_physio_completion zfsonlinux/zfs#3920
- Fix avl_is_empty(&dn->dn_dbufs) assertion zfsonlinux/zfs#3865 [29 KiB] Changelog by Ned Bass (2015-09-30):
- Init script fixes zfsonlinux/zfs#3816
- Fix uioskip crash when skip to end zfsonlinux/zfs#3806 zfsonlinux/zfs#3850
- Userspace can trigger an assertion zfsonlinux/zfs#3792
- Fix quota userused underflow bug zfsonlinux/zfs#3789
- Fix performance regression from unwanted synchronous I/O zfsonlinux/zfs#3780
- Fix deadlock during ARC reclaim zfsonlinux/zfs#3808 zfsonlinux/zfs#3834
- Fix deadlock with zfs receive and clamscan zfsonlinux/zfs#3719
- Allow NFS activity to defer snapshot unmounts zfsonlinux/zfs#3794
- Linux 4.3 compatibility zfsonlinux/zfs#3799
- Zed reload fixes zfsonlinux/zfs#3773
- Fix PAX Patch/Grsec SLAB_USERCOPY panic zfsonlinux/zfs#3796
- Always remove during dkms uninstall/update zfsonlinux/spl#476

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